Why Us

Lemon Consulting focuses on qualitative work by understanding the needs of the organization as well as expectations of the candidate. We try to find right balance between what the candidate has and what the candidate deserves.

We have always believed in being a trend setter by ensuring that our team is always well-versed with the recent activities in the industry. We are dedicated to creating a professional and challenging work environment.

Our team of young recruitment professionals comes from diverse industry backgrounds who understand the business processes of our clients. This enables us to go beyond “Resume-Matching”.

Lemon Consulting functions through a unique set of company values and business ethic that maintains a strictly professional work culture. The belief in constantly challenging business engagements helps it to keep pace with the ever changing market trends.

Core values that define work culture at Lemon Consulting:

  • To be constantly updated on emerging business scenarios by understanding the emerging business needs of our clients.

  • Strict adherence to best practices that delivers measurable results to our clients on time.

  • Move beyond “Resume Matching” and focus on competency by thoroughly evaluating candidates’ skill sets and career aspirations.

  • Its better to say no initially, than to make a half-hearted effort.

As we constantly strive to make a valuable difference in the work cultures of our clients, Lemon Consulting is poised to diversify their engagement portfolio to include growth oriented innovation centric initiatives.