Lemon Consulting provides end to end HR services to a customer who intends setting up a shop in India for the first time, or who intends improvising the existing processes and people practices or intends introducing new strategies to define effectiveness & efficiency in the human resources space of their businesses.

Our Experienced Offerings Include:

Recruitment :

To Help you set up a robust & competitive recruitment strategy, model which is time & cost effective resulting in right talent attraction and acquisition in your industry space

  • Setting up of the entire recruitment plan/strategy
  • Enhancing the existing recruitment model and making it more cost effective & efficient, and robust in attracting right talent
  • Proposing strategic & competitive incentive ranges for consultants and other channel partners
  • Helping in hiring of Mid level and Senior level management staff
  • Setting up of short term & long term recruitment models suiting different needs as per business dynamics
  • Implanting full time recruitment resources to support your organization for hiring at different levels

Employee Engagement, Retention & Development :

To Help you manage your talent/employees productively resulting in better engagement , retention and high performance

  • Competency Mapping
  • New Hire Orientation models
  • Various strategic engagement programs & models for employees across levels (Different strokes for different folks)
  • Propose HR Skip level frameworks. Implement & run them for your organization
  • Introduce 15FQ & DISC framework for assessment of talent for better engagement and development
  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Management Frameworks
  • Can set up the entire Performance Management framework
  • Proposing HR strategies, enablers and concepts for driving HR roadmap

Compensation & Benefits :

To help you utilize your bottom line well ttowards fixed costs (Salary for employees); Acquire your desired talent; Engage your high performing & high potential talent and Retain your best talent.

  • Setting up compensation philosophy, plan, strategy
  • Compensation restructuring
  • Compensation Benchmarking
  • Compensation Data Analysis helping the organization decide on the right compensation execution
  • Designing Variable Pay Plan
  • Designing Retention Bonus for Senior Management
  • Job Evaluation Analysis
  • Translating Performance Ratings of the organization into pay plans
  • Designing & Proposing right recruitment grids for all levels
  • Payroll Outsourcing

We provide people strategies, ideas, concepts, frameworks, processes, systems and operationalise talent engagement models to ensure that your business has the apt HR strategy to meet your business objectives.

In a nutshell, we provide end to end Talent Management frameworks and operations to help you under one umbrella.